My Frequently Used Apps List

Here I have listed a few of the Apps that I use day to day to increase my productivity.  I hope you find this list useful.

App Name Description iTunes Link
iThoughtsHD This is a great piece of mind mapping software for the iPad. It is very comprehensive with excellent options for exporting maps to email and other desktop mindmap applications. I generally use this for brainstorming ideas or sometimes taking down ideas in meetings iThoughtsHD on iTunes
GoodReader GoodReader is primarily a PDF reader for iOS devices however it is much more than that as it has the ability to store and organise multiple file type plus has the inbuilt ability to upload documents directly to the iPad using a web browser* bypassing the need for iTunes syncing (*N.B. the device must be on the same wireless network for this to work effectively) GoodReader on iTunes
iAnnotate iAnnotate is an excellent App for reading and making notes on PDF documents. This little gem removes the last hurdle of going paperless as you can now read and work with PDF documents whilst making notes in the actual document which can then be forwarded on via email. iAnnotate on iTunes
SugarSync SugarSync is basically a cloud file synchronisation and storage platform that allows you to keep files in sync across multiple different platforms. SugarSync is very similar to DropBox which some readers may be familiar with but has some additional features that I personally prefer. More and More Apps are supporting files directly from SugarSync Cloud which is a bonus. SugarSync on iTunes
EverNote EverNote is a very popular and full featured cloud based Note taking App that like SugarSync operates on multiple platforms and in the cloud. I use Evernote for all of my note taking needs as it is very effective on all platforms in organising and allowing access anytime and anywhere. It also has a BlackbBerry Client for those that use a BB in addition to an iPad. To get the most out of the platform I recommend subscribing to the premium version as it allows offline Notes. EverNote on iTunes
Photosmith If you are a photographer of sorts this apps is an excellent companion to Adobe Lightroom. Photosmith allows upload of photos to the ipad (using a camera connection kit) and basic management of those photos. Best of all the photos can easily be synchronised to lightroom (either mac or Windows versions) by installing a free plugin to lightroom. I love it because you can categorise photos and add tags etc while on the go. Photosmith on iTunes
WritePad This is a great app for notetaking which also syncs to Evernote.  the key difference with this app is that it supports handwriting recognition with a unique learning system that will adapt to your handwriting style over time to improve recognition results.  I use an Adonit stylus with this app and it completes the toolset for note taking as I can now include diagrams in notes quite easily which is fantastic in meetings when you need to capture a concept or workflow/process. WritPad on iTunes
Photoshop Touch This is an incredible app with a good feature set that allows you to edit photos as easily as its desktop counterpart.  I wish it had more integration with other cloud based services as it only supports Adobes own but all-in-all its a great app and I highly recommend it if you find you need to edit photos on the iPad. Photoshop Touch on iPad

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